Family & community play large role in Omaha home services company success.

This is an exciting year for DRD Home Services! We have been serving the Omaha and surround communities for 15 years. What a privilege! Recently I sat down with Dan DeTavernier, owner of DRD Home Services and discussed five key elements of success as a home remodeling and additions company in the Omaha area.

#1: Pride in family and community 

Today we talked to Dan about his family and his community and how that has impacted his business. Not only is the DRD family celebrating 15 years of service to the Omaha community but Dan and his wife are also celebrating a personal milestone! Along side celebrating 15 years of their company, they are also celebrated 15 years of marriage in early 2016.

DRD Home Services OMAHA

The DeTavernier Family

As busy parents, they understand their customers. They understand how important a home is to growing children and families. American families work very hard for their income, and take great pride in their homes. The DeTavernier’s are no different. They believe in providing the same service and quality that they would expect to receive themselves.

“We know this is a serious investment. Even the smaller jobs, where we’re just replacing a door or knocking out a wall. Thats hard earned money. There is a level of trust that we receive to come into a family’s home, we don’t take that lightly.”. Routinely Dan pauses to take a call or a question from one of his daughters in their home office during our marketing meetings.

As small business owners, they understand the value of community support and relationships. The DeTaverniers are all involved in local sports leagues. They frequent local establishments and place a high value on being active community members. Dan grew up in the small business environment, living and learning home remodeling with his father in his cabinetry business. He has carried over the same dedication to his community and his family that he grew up knowing.

The DeTaverniers are proud Omaha residents, who love and live in the community that they serve. 

Dan particularly enjoys building relationships with his customers that are long lasting. “To me the greatest compliment I can receive is another phone call when the next project comes up. Those trusted relationships with home owners in our community are very valuable to us. Thats the ultimate goal.”.

See our work on Houzz!  Give us a call if you’re interested in a partnership with a home additions and/or remodeling company that is owned and operated right here in your own Omaha community! Stay tuned for more of our sit down discussion reflecting on FIFTEEN YEARS of DRD Home Services