The Customer Experience.

This is an exciting year for DRD Home Services! We have been serving the Omaha and surround communities for 15 years. What a privilege!

We’re continuing our discussion with Dan DeTavernier, owner of DRD Home Services, covering our five key elements of success as a home remodeling and additions company in the Omaha area. We’re now turning our discussion over to the customer experience.

The customer experience from start to finish is what sets us apart, and helps us earn repeat business.

“If you can’t listen to your customer, and give them exactly what they want, and exceed their expectations in some way, then you aren’t doing your job.” Dan and the DRD crew are skilled professionals who know exactly how to meet the needs of every customer.

We value a close working relationship that starts with your vision for your space. We know it is very important to feel heard.


“We are a service industry. Our job is to be the experts, but we can’t do that properly if we only consider our own ideas. When it comes to working in someones home they want their own aesthetic, they want their ideas to be realized, not my ideas. And they want someone to be honest with them about the entire process” notes Dan, “especially the cost.”

At DRD, you are guaranteed an honest assessment of your needs, upfront information about the cost of your project, and integrity from our crew while they are in your home. Dan believes that having integrity as a business is a direct reflection of his integrity as a family man and a community member and that is why customer care and support is always at the top of the list when it comes to success.

branded-quote-2 We love getting those kind of reviews! We love big and small jobs, and we tackle each job with the same customer service, the same attention to detail and the same concern for our customers happiness. If you call us to replace a door and we do a great job, well then we hope you call us back to add on a new deck and so on.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner in your home remodeling or addition, Dan would be happy to speak with you personally about creating the space of your dreams or something as simple as the space that functions much better. Check out our work on Houzz, and contact us to discuss your next home renovation, remodel or additions project!

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