Q: Where can I see samples of your work?

A: We have partners with wonderful portfolio sites, Houzz and Porch. Houzz is a great place to see our projects and review feedback from our valued customers. We are honored to have been chosen to be one of the top 4 general contractors in Omaha to be featured on Porch, a great new home project tool, recommended by Lowe’s stores across the nation. If you stop in to your local Lowe’s they are happily recommending DRD Home Services as a trusted partner for your home remodeling needs that you’re not able to tackle yourself! We are also listed on Angies List, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and MORE! .

Q: Does DRD Home Services provide free estimates?

A: Yes. On typical remodeling projects, we meet with you at your home for an initial consultation to discuss your project and gather measurements. This information is used to generate a preliminary cost for your project. This estimation is free of charge.

Q: How long will it take to get my estimate?

A: It is our goal to complete preliminary project cost estimates within 2 weeks of the original site visit. However, this time frame may vary depending upon the complexity of your specific project. We will provide you with a response time at the initial site visit.

Q: Can I afford DRD Home Services services?

A: We seek to honor and work within your budget. At the inital consultation, we will ask you a series of questions regarding your proposed project, budget, and financing, as we feel that open discussions early on avoids potential frustrations later.

Q: Do I have to hire my own designer or architect?

A: DRD Home Services provides all necessary design services. Once you contract with us, you meet directly with our designer. Should your project plans require engineering or architectural approval, those services are available through DRD Construction.

Q: Can I hire DRD Home Services to provide design services only?

A: No. DRD Home Services provides professional design services to support our own potential customers. Therefore, we do not offer design services exclusively.

Q: Can I talk to other clients that have hired DRD Home Services for projects similar to mine?

A: As a service to our potential customers, we can provide a list of former customers who have used us for similar projects. We feel that the testimony of our past clients and the quality of the services we provided them will be most effective in helping you decide if DRD Home Services is the right choice for your project.

Q: Are you fully insured?

A: Yes, DRD Home Services, including its employees and trade partners, has full liability coverage.

Q: How will I be billed for my project?

A: A down payment is required when an agreement is signed. This agreement will outline the payment schedule for the duration of the project.

Q: Do you accept credit card payments for remodel projects?

A: DRD Home Services typically does not accept credit card payments for remodeling projects.

Q: Can I hire my own subcontractors for portions of the project?

A: DRD Home Services is best able to manage the schedule, the job budget and the quality of the project when we are given responsibility for all aspects of the job. If you would like to have a specific contractor complete an aspect of the project, please make that known during the design phase of the project. We will evaluate that contractor and make every effort to fulfill your request.

Q: Can I do some portions of the project myself?

A: It has been our general experience that all aspects of comprehensive remodel projects should be left to professionals. As the general contractor, we are best able to manage the schedule, the job budget and the quality of the project when we are given responsibility for all aspects of the job.

Q: Will you do work without a building permit?

A: Any project that requires a building permit or zoning approval will not be started until all necessary documents and approvals are granted. Building code requirements and zoning ordinances are designed to protect the interests and safety of the homeowner. We acknowledge and honor the authority of those officials in public trust. There are some projects that do not require building permits and zoning approvals.

Q: How will my home be kept clean and safe during the project?

A: Measures will be taken to secure the areas of your home under construction. Remodeling can be dirty work, and though we install plastic dust barriers during construction, containment efforts are not 100% effective. Before the start of the project, you should remove and protect valuables in areas of your home near the project site.

Furthermore, for safety, we ask that you remain outside the project site while work is ongoing. This is especially important for clients who have pets and small children. When necessary, we can also provide temporary security barriers over window openings and doorways.